Types of Visas

US non-Immigrant Visas

B1-B2 Visa

Visa for business and medical treatment, valid for 10 years, maximum stay 6 months

Visas F/M

Visa for students, valid for 10 years, maximum length of stay during the course of study

P1-P2-P3 Visas

Visas for sporting or musical competitions or participation in events

E1-E2 Visas

Investor visa, valid for 5 years, maximum length of stay for the entire duration of the activity

H2B Visa

Visa for temporary/seasonal workers, validity 1 year, maximum stay 1 year

C1 Visa

Visa for those traveling to the United States for transit only, valid for 1 year, short term

H1B Visas

Visa for highly skilled workers, valid for 3 years with a possible extension of three years, making the maximum stay six years

L-1A/L-1B Visas

Visas for personal relocation to a US office, valid for 3 years for executives and 5 years for highly qualified employees, permanent stay

O-1 Visa

Visa for artistic, scientific and athletic workers, validity and temporary stay which tends to vary according to the duration of the service

Q Visa

Participation in cultural exchanges, validity and temporary permanence which tends to vary according to the duration of the experience

US Immigrant Visas

Visa for residence through job offer

Permanent validity, permanent stay

Visa for residence through family

Permanent validity, permanent stay

K Visa - Reunion with your partner

Permanent validity, permanent stay

EB 1-2-3-4-5 Visas

Permanent validity, permanent stay